Sunday, December 1, 2013

A day of FPV fun

Novemeber 30th, 2013.  What a day that was!  Several guys got together at RAMs to have an un-official FPV fly-in.

It was a great day, albeit a little cool.  Tim Walker and his son, Bob Gusek, Marcus Wright, Max Messinger, Kevin (whose last name I didn't catch) and myself had a day of FPV fun.  We had an assortment of airframes, My ADS and MaxiSwift, Tim's Quinticle, Marcus brought his Tri and the Phoenix, Max brought the Deacon Aerial Observatory and his FPV Raptor.

We had several great flights, and made some changes to the Quinticle software to get it flying better.  It is very close to being right now, just a little more PID tweaking, and some accelerator trim settings will make this a great platform for fun or FPV.

Since the majority of us are involved with DeaconEye, we did some testing on the DAO systems for an upcoming objective we have, and found out we have a very solid system.  We have to tweak the UHF control system a bit, but we set a new record for ourselves, and everyone on-site was pretty excited to see what we accomplished.  It was neat to be able to show off what we have been working on to a group of modelers that might not otherwise have the opportunity to take a look at how far technology has come for model airplanes.

We are already planning our next gathering, and looking at how we can make the gatherings more efficient for all of us.  Stay tuned for updates and pictures/video!

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