Saturday, September 7, 2013

FPV adventures

I have been tweaking my FPV setup.  I currently am flying a MaxiSwift, using 1.2Ghz video gear, and 72Mhz for the RC side.  I am happy with the airframe, but my ground station needed some attention.  I have cleaned up the wiring quite a bit, made a 1s2p 1400Mah pack for the flight video recorder, and added a tripod mounted 5" display screen to be used in addition to the Trimersion goggle set I have.

Anyway, now that things in the ground station case aren't so cluttered, I wont have quite the rats' nest of wires to sort out when it is time to fly.  Since I also have a 5.8Ghz setup on a mini quadcopter, I needed to do something to clean it up..switching wiring between RX's was a pain when I wanted to fly the quad vs. the plane.

Hopefully I can test it out this weekend and get some pictures posted as well.  It isn't much to brag about but it works, and it didn't cost allot, so I am happy.

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