Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Multirotor Madness

The multirotor collection grows...
to a total of 7, for now.  With the latest addition to the fleet (more on that in a bit) I decided to drag them all out for a photo.  The QSC Tricopter started all this a couple of years ago, and was my only multi for two years...then, in January of this year at the urging of a friend in Idaho, and Crash, I picked a V202.  From there, I got swept full speed into the multirotor scene...and this is where I am today.  Paul over at didn't help much, (I say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, by the way) when I got one of his Flip 1.5 boards for my Tricopter.  Shortly after that, the Flip quad he produces found me.  Then..a Frankenquad and a V212 joined the collection, followed by an OPQ (one piece quadicle) not pictured here.  My buddy Nav has it, since we built it in a night at a fly-in, and used his electronics.  The OPQ was a design Crash came up with, and all of the hosts and close friends of the show ( helped alpha and beta test.  The white OPQ frame is the final result, and I still have to load it with gear.  The Hexa showed up today, and while it isn't mine, it will be in my hangar quite a bit.  It belongs to the guys at Deaconeye, and will be used in the program over there.  I have it so I can set it up and get it flying correctly. Man...mutli's are just so much fun!

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